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The End and the Beginning of a Battle
The End and the Beginning of a Battle
Episode Data
Episode # 017
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 28/08/2013
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The End and the Beginning of a Battle (戰いの終わりと始まり, Tatakai no Owari to Hajimari) is the seventeenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


The match between Inazuma Japan and Storm Wolf continued and Storm Wolf's movement are different from the first half, they are playing more fierce! After a goal was made by Storm Wolf, some members of Japan get a little doubtful. However, Tenma encouraged and made them think about how much they've progressed since their previous matches, making them feel better. Nozaki Sakura managed to pull out a new hissatsu Beautiful Hoop and passed a member of Storm Wolf; she then passed to Kusaka and he went into his Berserker Mode. He shot with Kyoubou Head and managed to score the second goal for Japan, putting everyone in a better and positive mood. The match was a struggle for both teams, as they were showing great determination toward each other. A point came in the match where Konoha was being charged at by Zaur Melekh and she felt scared, but everyone shouted her name believing in her; she showed aura of her Soul and tackled him with ease, confusing Zaura, Japan and even herself. She passed it to Tenma who used Z Slash to pass Yuri Averin, and then passed to Matatagi who shot and scored the final goal with Parkour Attack. The outcome of the match was Inazuma Japan's win of 5-4.

Tenma and everyone else were delighted and the crowd were cheering them on. But strangely, a mysterious light appeared from the sky, shining down on the stadium and making the audience fall asleep. The light then shone on the Storm Wolf players, and their true forms were revealed. They were aliens, which shocked Inazuma Japan, baffling them. Furthermore, a strange gigantic 'UFO' appeared from the sky, coming down toward the stadium.

Known EventsEdit

  • Storm Wolf's movements were different in the second half than in the first half.
  • Morimura Konoha first showed some aura of her Soul.
  • Inazuma Japan won the finals with a score of 5-4.
  • A strange light appeared from the sky.
  • Due to the light, the members of Storm Wolf turned into their true alien form and the audience was put to sleep.

Hissatsu/Tactics UsedEdit




[Matsukaze Tenma] Then we'll get 2 points at the same time!

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