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Field of Confessions
Kusaka confessing to Morimura
Episode Data
Episode # 012
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 2013/07/10
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Field of Confessions (フィールドの告白) is the twelfth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Inazuma Japan trained for their upcoming match against Mach Tiger. Kusaka Ryuuji wanted to talk to Morimura Konoha but she avoided him. Kusaka's teammates tried to help him meet Konoha to talk, but sadly, they failed.

The day of the match came and the match started. Inazuma Japan and Mach Tiger showed off a good fight against each other, however, Inazuma Japan struggled against them. Because Shindou Takuto moved more forward to help the offense, the defense was left quite weak and were Japan's weakspot. When the ball was kicked outside of the field, Kusaka went into his Berserker mode and ran towards Konoha. Kusaka finally said to her what he wanted to tell her, resulting in him confessing to her which shocked the whole team! How will Konoha react to it and will Inazuma Japan be able to catch up with Mach Tiger?

Major EventsEdit

Hissatsu/Tactics UsedEdit




[Sorano Aoi] There's always someone who sees the good things about you, even when you can't see them yourself.

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