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Training! The Black Room! !
Shinsei Inazuma Japan training Galaxy 10 HQ
Episode Data
Episode # 010
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production TV Tokyo, Dentsu, OLM
Animation Director Akiyama Katsuhito
Japan 2013/07/10
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Training! The Black Room!! (特訓!ブラックルーム!!) is the tenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Inazuma Japan keep training for their upcoming match in the FFIV2. The team is getting together, even Shindou Takuto started to compliment Tetsukado Shin and also gave him advice. Much to the suprise of the other members, Matsukaze Tenma and Sorano Aoi starting to smile because what Shindou did. Then, Kuroiwa Ryuusei revealed a new training plan and stated that they should train in the Black Room. However, the Black Room trainings are more difficult than the usual trainings, giving Inazuma Japan a hard time. Aoi revealed that their next opponent is Mach Tiger. However, they won the previous match with 5-0. How is Inazuma Japan going to win from them?

Major EventsEdit

  • Inazuma Japan trained in the Black Room.
  • Manabe Jinichirou's parents traveled overseas to tell him to come back home to study, but he pleaded to stay a little longer in which they agreed.
  • It was revealed that Minaho Kazuto's father is a detective, and was known as the 'Japanese Sherlock Holmes'.





[Tetsukado Shin] It's because it's impossible that we gotta do it!

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