Episode 004 Gallery

The Mystery of The Team's Creation
Titel pic of Galaxy 4 HQ
Episode Data
Episode # 004
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production TV Tokyo, Dentsu, OLM
Animation Director Akiyama Katsuhito
Japan 2013/05/29
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The Mystery of The Team Formed (チーム結成の謎, Chīmu kessei no Nazo) is the fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Matsukaze Tenma and Shindou Takuto came down to the field to practice. Unfortunately, they only saw Tsurugi Kyousuke, Matatagi Hayato and Nozaki Sakura attending for practice. Matatagi said that it was stated in their contract that they only needed to cone to practice until the match against Fire Dragon. As Matatagi said that, Tenma is surprised and the next day, it happened the same. With no option left, Tenma asked Shindou to take care of the practice while he will look around for the members to convince them to come to practice. Will Tenma succeed in convincing them?



[Matsukaze Tenma] If you keep working on basic training, you're sure to get better!

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