Earth as seen in the PV HQ
JP name 地球
Dub name Earth
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Earth (地球) is the home planet of Earth Eleven, and the planet they will be trying to save from being destroyed by aliens.


Earth is the planet where all of the series' episodes has taken place so far. Soon however, the Earth Eleven will use the Galaxy Notes Gou to travel throughout space to different planets and to participate in the Grand Celesta Galaxy which is held 188,000 light years away from Earth. If Earth Eleven fail to win the tournament, Earth will be sealed away along with other planets/moons that had already been sealed. It is up to Earth Eleven to defeat and become champions of the tournament so that they can save Earth.

It is known that every team (Apart from Inazuma Japan) that has participated in the Football Frontier International Vision 2 are actually aliens which were just disguising themselves as humans.

In episode 19, Earth Eleven left Earth to go on their journey in space for the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament. Earth Eleven went to several planets: Sandorius, Sazanaara, Gurdon, Ratoniik and Faram Obius.

Locations within EarthEdit


  • This planet, unlike the others introduced in the series, is the only real planet with the same name, Earth.

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