Dmitri Sobirov
Dmitri Sobirov Galaxy 15 HQ
JP name ドミトリー・ソビロフ
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position FWicon
Number 10
Element Earth Icon
Team Storm Wolf (Captain)
Seiyuu Satou Kensuke
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 014

Dmitri Sobirov (ドミトリー・ソビロフ) is a forward and the captain of Uzebkistan's team, Storm Wolf.


Dmitri has pale skin, long grey spiky hair with one long spike going down the middle of his face and two spikes falling in-front of his shoulders. He resembles what seems to be a wolf, relating to his team name. He seems to have a sharp tooth on the left side of his mouth. He has sharp yellow eyes and he wears the Storm Wolf uniform, along with the captains band.


Dmitri appeared in episode 15 with the rest of Storm Wolf. They started their match with Inazuma Japan which was the finals of the Asia preliminaries. As soon as Dmitri got the ball, he ran past Japan's players easily, and was shown to have good speed and agility. He passed to Maxim Adrov and he shot with Gold Fever, successfully got past Ibuki Munemasa's Wild Dunk as it was too slow for Gold Fever. With this, Storm Wolf were in the lead 1-0.

In episode 17, the second-half of the match started. Dmitri was shown to be slightly worrying about the outcome of the match, as he could Japan's strength, but he didn't give up and focused on winning. Aaron Gachinsky crossed the ball in, and Dmitri made a feint, confusing Ibuki because he thought that he was going to shoot. Instead, it went to Maxim Adrov who ran up from behind Dmitri and he headed the ball into the goal, scoring and making the score 3-1. Later on in the match, Maxim kicked the ball into the air and Dmitri shot with Gold Fever, surprising Ibuki as he never knew Dmitri could shoot with that hissatsu. Dmitri scored and made the score 4-2. Japan came up with a plan and counter-attacked; Tenma got the ball from Tetsukado and scored with God Wind. Japan came back and eventually won the match with a score of 5-4, making them the winners.

Just after the match, a strange light appeared, making everyone confused. The light went across the stadium and made the people in the audience fall asleep. The light then went onto the members of Storm Wolf including Dmitri, and their true forms as aliens were revealed. Inazuma Japan were shocked and didn't know what to do, as a gigantic UFO appeared from the sky, coming down toward the stadium.


Game Exclusive TeamsEdit

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