Big Waves
Big Waves HQ
Team Data
JP name ビッグウェイブス
Dub name Big Waves
Captain Cole LaRuze
Coach Orlando Sherman
Wins 1
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 006
Big Waves' emblem

Big Waves (ビッグウェイブス) is the represententative team for Austraila in the Football Frontier International Vision 2.


The Big Waves uniform consists of a bright yellow shirt with forest green sleeves. It is also green around the collar, and a part connecting the collar to the sleeve. The shorts are purely forest green, with the socks being purely bright yellow. 

The goalkeeper uniform is mainly yellow green; on the mid and lower part of the chest, part of the sleeves and part of the shorts. The upper part of the shirt is purple and has white verticle rectangles on them. The shorts are mainly dark blue, the lower part being yellow green. The socks are the same purple as the upper part of the shirt. 


They appeared in episode 6 playing against Inazuma Japan. Tsurugi scored a goal by using his new hissatsu, Bicycle Sword. However the episode ended with the score of 2-1 to Big Waves, as the captain, Cole LaRuze, scored two goals using Megalodon.

The match continued in episode 7, and ended with the score of 3-2, Inazuma Japan winning. Matatagi Hayato had scored with his new hissatsu Parkour Attack, and Manabe Jinichirou by accidently kicking it at the wrong time, resulting in chipping the keeper and scoring the final goal. 

Similiar with the mystery of Fire Dragon's sudden disappearance, Cole LaRuze's arms starting popping out vains, as if there was something inside of it, or as if he took something. However it is unknown what and why it had happened to Cole.


  1. Jude Gordon (GK)
  2. Owen Easter (DF)
  3. Hall Erusu (DF)
  4. Herman Bomont (DF)
  5. Clam Childs (DF)
  6. Squid White (MF)
  7. Marsha Ark (MF)
  8. Cole LaRuze (MF/Captain)
  9. Amanda Turner (MF)
  10. Rob Stark (FW)
  11. Octa Pasun (FW)


  • Just like every other team in the FFIV2 (except Shamshir and Inazuma Japan), Mach Tiger's players' data has drastically increased since there previous data seen from their last tournament.

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