Barga Zachs
Barga Zachs
JP name バルガ・ザックス
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position DFicon
Number 4 (Sandorius Eleven)
3 (Faram Dite)
Element Earth Icon
Team Sandorius Eleven
Faram Dite
Galaxy Eleven
Seiyuu Iwasaki Ryou
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 021

Barga Zachs (バルガ・ザックス) is a member of Shitennou and a defender for Sandorius Eleven.


He first debuted in episode 21, joining Sandorius Eleven. He introduced himself as sent by "the queen of Faram Obius". Even though other Sandorius Eleven members wanted him to join, Kazerma Woorg, the captain of the team, disapproved. However, all the members do not side with Kazerma.

In episode 22, he appeared to Earth Eleven alongside a few members of Sandorius Eleven. He insulted the team and the planet itself, angering Tetsukado. Later, during the match he played in a violent manner and played foul, and almost all the members of Sandorius Eleven complied his order. 

In episode 23, he was furious when Earth Eleven tied the score. He continued to order all members of Sandorius Eleven (except Kazerma and Badai Jaran, who didn't listen to him) to use rough plays on Earth Eleven. He also lost his ball to Konoha, who unleashed her Soul, Fox. Later Kazerma successfully persuaded his teammates that they should play fair, and much to Barga's dismay, he left the field.


In order to recruit Barga, you'll need:

  • Kizuna Coin: 2 Gold (金2)
  • Item: Comfortable Sand (ここちよい砂, Randomly dropped by Gold Bear at Roglos Gordon's Taisen Route)
  • Item: Lalaya's Handmade Medal (ララヤ様の手作り勲章, Randomly dropped by Star Sisters at Roglos Gordon's Taisen Route)
  • Topic: Powerful People (パワフルな人の話題, Obtained at the Gymnasium in Raimon Jr High)
  • Record: Professional Soccer Butler (プロサッカーバトラー, Win 200 soccer battles)

After that, he can be scouted.







Game Exlcusive TeamsEdit

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