Argo Burgess
Argo Burgess EP36 HQ
JP name アルゴ・バージェス
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position GKicon
Number 1
Element Wood Icon
Team Faram Dite
Seiyuu None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 036

Argo Burgess (アルゴ・バージェス) is the goalkeeper for Faram Dite.


  • "A strong enough goalkeeper called the guardian deity of Faram Dite."


He has black eyes and black hair with a top of his hair two horns, like every Faram Obius' inhabitant. He also has pointy ears and wears the Faram Dite uniform with a yellow captain band.


Argo surprised Galaxy HQ 37

Argo surprised that Parkour Attack scored.

He first appeared in episode 36 with the rest of Faram Dite when Tsurugi Kyousuke walked in and said that they need to win the match. Then, Argo was shocked about what he had heard from Bitway Ozrock and about destroying Faram Obius if they didn't win. Tsurugi ensured them that they will win, in which Argo added that he was right and encouraged everyone.

The last match of the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament started in episode 37 with their opponent being Earth Eleven. Tsurugi Kyousuke scored a goal for Faram Dite with Bicycle Sword due to Ibuki Munemasa injured his ankle from stopping Rodan Gasgus' shoot. After Ibuki unleashed his new hissatsu, Gekirin Dunk, he quickly passed to Shindou Takuto. Shindou passed quickly to Matatagi Hayato who used Parkour Attack and scored the first goal of Earth Eleven, the score being tied by that.







  • His given name (アルゴ・バージェス) is derived from the chemical element argon (アルゴン).
  • He is the captain of Faram Dite before Tsurugi Kyousuke joined to the team and was resigned as captain again when Tsurugi left.

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