Dub name Unknown Gender Male Icon
Element Fire Icon Type FWicon

Alpha (アルファ) is a scout character.


In the Big Bang version, you can recruit Alpha by choosing him as one of the players that will join Earth Eleven for the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament. Otherwise, in order to recruit Alpha, you first need to beat Ixal Fleet. Also you'll need to have:

  • Kizuna Coin: 5 Gold (金5)
  • Item: Route Craft License (ルートクラフト免許証, Randomly dropped by Protocol Omega at Dr. Arno Crossword's route)
  • Item: Supersonic Zipping Kart (超速のビュンカート, Randomly dropped by Edge Works at Inazuma Town's Steel Tower Plaza)
  • Photo: Small Cruiser (小型クルーザーの写真, Taken at Inazuma Town's riverbed)
  • Record: Strongest Eleven in History's Coach (史上最強の監督たち)

After this, he can be recruited. However, in order to make him a scoutable option, you need to recruit at least 10 other members from the same community master.



At level 99

  • GP: 153
  • TP: 134
  • Kick: 157
  • Dribbling: 121
  • Technique: 119
  • Block: 104
  • Speed: 109
  • Stamina: 88
  • Catch: 83
  • Lucky: 73






  • He is one of the many 36 characters that can be scouted to create your own Earth Eleven.
    • He is Big Bang exclusive.

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